Shintori fine dining Taipei, since 1983, the pioneer of Kaiseki fine dining Cuisine in Taiwan, is highly acclaimed for authentic tastes of seasonal fresh ingredients served with poetic dish presentation and prescribed order of courses.

Shintori’s Kaiseki set menus are served in 16 private rooms for 2-24 people each as well as a banquet room for up to 36 distinguished guests facing a 2-story tall waterfall dashing down the cliff. Shintori’s Kaiseki bar, the cradle of Taiwan’s sushi chefs, offers 9 exclusive seats in the center of dining hall surrounded by a ceiling-high bamboo garden. With a 24-foot wide wine cellar, Shintori proudly presents Taipei’s most specialty wine list to pair with the Kaiseki cuisine – from signature aperitif, beer, sake, whisky, to an exquisite selection of white & red wine.

“Nature, Simplicity and Elegance”, the concept of Shintori is inspired by Japanese Kaiseki culture, Chinese classical philosophy, and postmodernism with both classical and contemporary elements. All the above coexist with harmony yet evolve and transform into a unique dining experience at Shintori Taipei.

Shintori Taipei
B1F, No. 80, Sec.1, Jianguo N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
+886 2 2501 7000




また、8メートルにもなる滝のある庭園と、店内に高く生い茂る竹林がポストモダン的な空間を作り出しています。2~24人用の個室が16室、最大36人収容可能な宴会場、寿司バーにはカウンター席が9席あり、壁一面のワインセラーとカクテルバーも備えています。新都里は長い間、台湾のエクゼクティブの方々に愛されて参りました。 新都里は「自然、素朴、優雅」な都会の隠れ家的レストランです。季節の移り変わりにおける禅の精神と、五感を楽しませる美食の宴を是非お楽しみください。

+886 2 2501 7000